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Salem Stone Design is a full-service company that will design, template, fabricate and install your project with an exceptional turnaround time. Undertaking a new home renovation project can be confusing, so let Salem Stone Design help you understand the process. Our company works with architects, cabinetmakers, contractors, and homeowners who want to do it themselves. We specialize in custom stone services, so we can do virtually anything needed in a custom surface – engineered quartz, marble, granite, soapstone, exotics, you name it! 

In addition to kitchens, stone surfaces work well in bathrooms, living spaces, and outdoor areas for counter tops, bar tops, spas, outdoor showers, fireplace surrounds, and furniture tops.  

A simple layout or rough sketch with measurements is needed : width, length and depth of the project or counter top including placement of the appliances, the sink(s), cabinets, walls, windows, doors, and furniture such as a kitchen table and chairs. This will allow us to give you a reasonable accurate estimate.

If you’re building a new home, remodeling or adding on, you have the luxury of choosing the layout that works best for you and your family, the blueprint or layout supplied by the contractor or designer will supply all the measurements for you.

A homeowner’s choice of counter top material must suit the space, meet the performance needs and complement their style. In order to give your project your signature style consider which surface you find appealing: the look, feel, textures and shades vary greatly. Also consider additional details including vibrant colors, thickness, and finished edge options. High-end finishes, like marble and quartz are greatly coveted and add style and decorative appeal to a home and will also increase the value of the home.

Salem Stone design has a wide selection of beautiful stone samples in the showroom and full-size materials in the slab yard for you to view. And have no fear- the professionals’ staff at Salem Stone can help advise you regarding the best fit for your project if you are unsure. An added perk: design and fabrication are done locally in Waterford!

Salem Stone Design team is made up of 14 employees whose sole aim is to bring your project the personal attention as well as the premium quality materials it requires.

A template is the exact pattern of your kitchen or project. This will ensure a precise custom fit.  

Once you have your estimate, chosen your stone and signed the paperwork for your project and deposit, the office will make an appointment with you for the Salem Stone template crew to come to the home. The crew will use a highly accurate laser to record the exact measurement and pattern needed directly into a digital computer file. The decision maker or responsible party must be there to confirm all the project details. The Drafting department will use this information to finalize the exact cuts needed for your counter top or project.

In order for a template to be made, all cabinets must be fully installed and leveled, the sink and faucet must be present, and all appliances must be on site or installed where necessary (including slide in range, cook top, downdraft and accessories).

At Salem Stone Design we look forward to assisting you with this process. We specialize in custom stone services for a multitude of home projects. We have 100% local design, materials, fabrication and installation services of exquisite custom natural stone surfaces.

What does this mean for you?   We can provide you with the highest quality fabrication service without having to rely on third-party subcontractors.  With a fabrication in-house, we can provide quality counters made from the best materials at a much lower cost, and in a much shorter time. We can personally guarantee the quality of each product that leaves our doors.

Once products have been selected and a layout is confirmed, we need to prepare for the installation. The decision maker or responsible party must be there to confirm all the project details. Final payment is due no later than the day of the installation. We can then proceed with the installation. Most installations are completed within 4 to 8 hours. However, a second date may be required for more elaborate installations.

Once the above requirements are satisfied, call Salem Stone Design and an installation appointment will be scheduled. Our installers will provide you with any technical information and will work with you to make sure all the specs and technical details are agreed upon. It is important the installers meet with a person in the home who can sign off on these critical details. At the end of templating, we require a 50% deposit based on the estimated price. The final price will be calculated based on the measurements taken on the job site.

The last and final step is the physical installation. Before the installation is finalized final payment is required. This payment is due no later than on the day of the installation. The installation team will install the counter top and seam it if necessary. Lastly, the installers will drill the faucet holes and attach the sink.

Thank you for choosing Salem Stone Design. We hope you enjoy the durability and sophisticated style custom countertops and surfaces bring to every room in the house.

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