Durability and Hardness of Granite

The durability of a granite igneous natural stone surface is second to none, only diamonds rank harder. Its polished is highly resistant to heat, fading, blistering, or scratching. This is the hardest of all stones and is the most widely used as kitchen counter tops, table tops and flooring due to its ability to remain beautiful while enduring punishing use. Granite is usually highly polished with a glossy surface. It is also available with a honed or brushed/ antique surface finish. Granite has the broadest selection with over 250 different varieties regularly available to choose from. It is an igneous rock comprised mostly of quartz. An extremely hard and durable stone and can withstand heat and heavy daily use. Like most natural stones, it is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Granite is an extremely dense material and many types need little to no sealing to help prevent staining.

To keep granite counter tops clean, avoid abrasive cleansers that can scratch, and opt for warm, soapy water instead. Stains are possible, but can be remedied with a baking soda paste left to sit for a couple of hours, advises Angie’s List. Wipe up oils, acids and soda promptly to avoid stains, and follow advised sealing routines.

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