Exotic Stone

Exotics are beautiful natural stone with a more translucent coloring.  Exotics are popular for surfaces and countertops that do not get a lot of use and frequently available in smaller slabs.


Onyx is truly spectacular with waxy like features and a translucent luster of contrasting color which adds luxury and glamour to any setting. This stone is best suited for projects such as wall cladding, tub surrounds or table tops. It is an exotic form of marble that is mostly comprised of calcite. Onyx normally has heavy veining and is more translucent than most marbles. One slab may contain dozens of colors.  These are softer than granite and should be used in low-traffic areas.  It is suggested to use cleaners specifically formulated for natural stone.

Any spills that occur should be wiped up immediately. The use of glass and window cleaners are not an acceptable method for caring for counter tops, cleaners other than dedicated natural stones cleaners will mar the surface resulting in a cloudy dull, appearance. Exotic counters should be sealed twice a year. It’s best to use a mild, neutral pH detergent or stone soap when cleaning your counter top.  Make sure to rinse the surface with clean, clear water, and dry it after you’ve finished cleaning. For exotic stone cleaning – avoid amonia based cleaners.


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